Elle Assist Medical Bureau

A medical bureau that seamlessly integrates with the Elle Health platform. We have a full staff compliment with years of experience, that can help your current staff with administrative duties or you can opt to outsource all your Practice administration to us.

Behind Elle Assist there is a long track record in developing medical billing and practice management software, electronic claiming and medical account outsourcing facilities.

As industry leaders, there are years of experience and expertise in this field which supports the elegant simplicity of Elle Assist.

Our experience in the claims management industry and continued industry research, including direct client feedback, ensures that Elle Assist remains the most evolutionary service on the market.

These services can be rendered on a month-to-month or long term basis.

Meet your very own virtual assistant, Elle Assist, instantly available to help with your daily practice billing and payment functions.

Elle Assist has a commitment to provide our clients with an evolving service to meet their individual practice needs of today and tomorrow.

Accessible via the Elle health application from any mobile device connected to the internet, Elle Assist can aid you with any billing and payment tasks with up to date information of changes in the Medical Scheme industry.

Free up your time and adapt quickly to industry demands to improve operational efficiencies, ensuring that every claim from billing to reconciliation is fully optimized, and your staff resources are maximized.

Elle Assist benefits

Alleviating time-consuming tasks

Elle Assist’s specialized service removes frustrations in the practice by alleviating the time-consuming tasks that comes with Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) claiming and management.

Accurate billing at optimum rates

Accurate billing of all ICD10 codes, procedures, materials and modifiers at optimum rates.

Managing your account from start to finish

Elle Assist will manage each client’s account from claim submission to claim payment.

Improved cash flow & dramatic savings

Improved cash flow and dramatic savings on administrative follow-up costs.

Covers all medical schemes

Elle Assist covers all medical schemes.

Financial & statistical reporting

Monthly financial and statistical reporting.

Medical scheme reconciliation

Full medical scheme reconciliation.

Patient liability follow-ups

Patient liability follow-ups via: sms / email / final notice

Full staff complement

Full staff complement for claim queries workdays between 08h00 and 16h30.
Don't worry about contracts, hiring or firing!